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Discount Shades Direct is one of the biggest online scam artist in the industry.They sold me a pair of Persol Sunglasses a couple of months ago which didnt arrive until a week ago.

I should have known it would be a scam from the beginning when i didnt receive any word or confirmation number till a week later. Still dont have a confirmation number to send in a valid claim. never sent me one! No receipt or confirmation number?

is this even a business???? make a long story short i finally received my glasses to find out the deal supposedly got was just a big scam. they sold me what was suppose to be polarized lenses which where in fact non-polarized with a little sticker on the front which said polarized. After several attempt to contact them for some kind of a return they told me "oh those glasses, they where switched out with polarized lenses by hand" "dont worry there real".

we'll they weren't!!! and after discussing different options none of which were for a cash return. Robert the store manager told me to contact them in a few months when the new version of the glasses i own comes out. send in the old ones and ill get a pair of polarized ones.

so basically wait 5 months for what i ordered in the first place from a place that lies with the intention of tricking you into believing you bought something you didn't. Sorry I take my losses and give you a horrible review!


Review about: Persol Sunglasses.



Please trust my words, I've never met such a SCAM in my LIFE !!!Sunglasses were fake and when I sent them back as a return program, I never received my money though the post office proves delivery with track number ..

it was a complete RIPOFF ! They reply their customers in following way and I quote : " SHUT UP and STOP WAISTING OUR TIME ! " -- this is what I got in PayPal dispute correspondence .

Can you believe this ? SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM and FRAUD !!!!


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:x Two people gave positive feedback 1 second apart. DrBob and Jenna_Lee, I find that very odd. But with billions of insects on this rock I suppose it's possible.

I found many good very good and excellent reviews on their site, one in particular said on 28th oct 2008 "I strongly recommand any one looking for a great deal and legit name brand sunglasses to shop on line with Discount Shades Direct." How odd, two years apart but almost exactly the same?

They say they're based in Los Angeles but there are some grammatical errors on the home page what make me questions their legitimacy.

"Designer Glasses have become a fashion accessory, with celebrities leading the way with think, with rimmed optical frames to Jackie O style sunglasses."



I bought 2 pairs of Marc Jacobs sunglasses from this company and I am sure one of them was not real.The sunglasses has no brand mark on it,no code,even not have any'' made in somewhere'' signature.How can it be that a sunglasses dont indicate which brans is it,etc.


hi i wanted to buy 3 pairs sunglasses from them, now im also worried that ive sent them 3 emails and nobody has responded to me.

so if the store owner is out there can you please do a better job at responding to emails.also are these real or fake???


I purchased a pair of Persol sunglasses from Discount Shades Direct on Sep 24.They shipped and I was charged on Sep 27.

I received them on Oct 4. The optician who is making the prescription lenses verified that the frames are genuine.

All in all a completely satisfactory experience.I would not hesitate to purchase from Discount Shades Direct again.


I just bought a pair of sunnies from here and am very satisfied. They are authentic and arrived within 2 weeks of placing the order.

I am sure nt all companies can get it right, all the time, but in my case, everything was fine.

Off to buy another pair now!


I've purchased 3 different pairs of sunglasses from Discount Shades Direct and they are all authentic.I brought them to two different stores to get authenticated and the store clerk said that they were.

They look legit and have all the right numbers and everything in the right spots so I'm not sure why some people are claiming that the glasses are fake.

I also received the invoice and shipment information.The only thing that I didn't get was the free watch but I don't really care about that...


I wonder if it's the owner writing all these positive reviews?Since he probably talks (asian) exactly the way he writes its pretty obvious it's the same person (Robert) in all of these reviews.

If you truely believe this company is not a complete scam try it!I promise, you will be surly disappointed!


I bought Dior Glossy 1 from this website as well. It is authentic sunglasses and excellence services from Italian guy who named, William...WELL DONE!!!

Best services...I ordered 2 sunglasses from this website when I was visiting Ireland and I would be in Ireland for other 14 days which it should be enough time for me to recive the sunglasses. But the delivery was delayed so I left Ireland before I got the parcel. I was back to Thailand and William who was an excellent executive officer followed up the issue for me. He resent both sunglasses to Thailand without any charge in next 2 weeks.

So I ordered again for 4 pairs, and they were perfect authentic sunglasses, I received them after I made the payment in 7 days.


Product pristine, as advertised, and delivered incredibly fast. I am a very satisfied customer.


Their web site was very easy to shop on and I got my shades very quickly. I will definitely be buying more shades from them. I strongly recommand any one looking for a great deal and legit name brand sunglasses to shop on line with Discount Shades Direct.



I am store owner and my name is not Robert. and i am quite surprise to read this because I didn't get such order like this. The Main thing is Discount Shades Direct is Yahoo Store and in yahoo store when someone buys from store. it automatically send receipt and invoice.. and its not manually. so the question of not sending invoice don't arise when Discount Shades is using reputed E commerce System like yahoo Store.

Don't know why people write such things without thinking what they are writing.


Do not buy from them!I bought a pair of Dior Glossy and they are FAKE!

I studied them and compared them with another pair I have! Buyers beware! I did not really check the detail of it and now it's Way to late to RETURN THEM! If I can help anyone in the near future I hope this Helps!

The case also Looks Fake! The print is different then my REAL pair!

Please Be Aware!You know the Saying " You Get what you Pay For!"

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